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Littlebredy Broadband - a quick summary

Littlebredy village has new phone and broadband cables. If your property is still using the old cables but you want faster, better internet, this is what to do:
  1. Check the date your existing phone and broadband contracts end.
  2. Find out if there is a cost penalty for cancellation before that date. If your existing Supplier offers the new system and you stay with them, they may waive any early cancellation charge. But a different Supplier may still be better for you.
  3. Choose new phone and broadband Suppliers. There are many discount deals advertised, but not all Suppliers can use the new cables.
  4. Decide what broadband speed you need. The cost goes up as you choose faster speeds.
  5. Order the new contracts.
  6. Someone from Openreach will make an appointment and come and transfer your phone and broadband from the old cables to the new.
  7. On that day, the old contracts will finish and final bills will be sent.
  8. Your new Supplier will then bill you for the new fast service.
For more information about the whys and wherefores, and the choices you may have, read on...



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